Top 3 castles around the globe

Talking about castles always transport us to distant ages. We immediately think of adventures, romanticism and all the kind of things that come associated with the mythical ages when these castles were constructed. Because of that, they are the first choice for many people when they travel, and we can’t deny that the idea of visiting any castle in the world results very exciting,


The castles are also a huge source of knowledge about our past as a civilization, the customs and history of the people who lived in those places are a big legacy. We can learn so much! We also can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes that usually surround them.


The castles are structures originally built to defend the monarchy from invaders, many of them have labyrinths, moats, dungeons among other elements destined to protect the castle´s inhabitants, in the other hand, they have spaces for recreation, and lodging in order to make comfortable the life inside the castle.


Planning your trip

As usual, it is important to perform some important research about what to expect in your trip, you should investigate about the currency, lodging, public services, towing service, hospitals, police department, etc. This will make sure that you have a nice and safe trip. You will also have the right tools to respond to emergencies.  

Some castles have became museums or hotels, others aren’t open to public or are opened only for certain date or days, like Castle of Windsor, located in England, which is only available when the Queen isn’t there.


3 Castles to visit


There are many castles to visit, many of them are beautiful, others are really old and even spooky castles, three of the most remarkable castles around the world are:


The Castle of Neuschwainstein, located in Baviera, Alemania, it was built upon request of the King Ludwig II of Baviera


The Castle of Windsor located in England


Castle of Prague, located in Prague is one of the oldest castle in the word